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Frequent Asked Questions
  What is the minimum amount of vehicles to be rented?

You can even 1 vehicle from Beyaz Filo, based on the necessity of your company.

  What kind of vehicles can be rented from Beyaz Filo?

Vehicles from all kinds of brands and models, provided that they are passenger cars the production and importation of which are available in Turkey, can be rented from Beyaz Filo, convenient to your fleet’s necessity.

  What risks does the insurance cover?

Beyaz Filo carries out the insurance transactions in line with the demands of customers as it is included in Law of Traffic. Traffic Insurance, which is required to be implemented pursuant to Law, Damage Liability (comprehensive insurance), which protects the used automobile and liability insurance with increased limits are carried out by Beyaz Filo.You can send e-mail to address for detailed information.

  Can third parties use the rented vehicles?

They can use provided that it is subjected to the permission of Beyaz Filo.

  Why is TL price higher compared to the foreign exchange price?

Foreign exchange borrowing costs are lower.Nevertheless; if you don’t want to take the rate risk, payment option in TL is always safer.

  Who owns the traffic tickets?

All kinds of liabilities and financial penalties, stemming from failure to obey traffic laws, belong to the tenant.

The duration, to pass due to the fact that the vehicles are retained for any reason by official or regional authorities, is considered to pass within the duration of the contract

  Accident or Robbery Conditions

In case of an accident or robbery; accident, robbery and alcohol determination reports must be received by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie post without changing the place of the car.

Otherwise; all of the purchased insurances will become null and all kinds of material and moral damages, caused on the third persons, will be collected from the tenant.

For more information, you can receive information by sending an e-mail to

  What is the minimum renting duration?

Operational fleet renting offers are provided up to 48 months, with a minimum 3-month duration.

Renting duration may start from 1 month in renting second hand automobiles.

  Who owns the required tax and other liabilities, belonging to the vehicle?

All kinds of periodical maintenance costs, repair costs after accident, tax liabilities are covered by Beyaz Filo.

In addition, expenditures such as; traffic insurance, voluntary pecuniary liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, tire change in each 60.000 km are included in monthly rental fee.

  How is vehicle need is met in case our vehicle is kept in service for a long duration or not used due to any reason (grabbing, robbery, accident)?

Assistant vehicle is provided for you to maintain your business continuity in maintenance-repair needs that exceed 24 hours in İstanbul and Ankara and 48 hours in other provinces and districts.

  Is road assistance provided for the rented vehicles?

Beyaz Filo’s experts, providing 7/24 service, are always ready to help you.

  Can we renew our current car park via renting method?

Your current fleet is purchased and evaluated by our company on rent or as cash when necessary.

  Can we implement dressing or logo application on the rented vehicles?

Logo application and dressing processes must be pre-recorded on the license.

The rented vehicles can be driven on roads following this procedure without a problem.

  Can we receive service for the rented vehicles in every part of Turkey?

This services is provided at all locations in Turkey, where authorized services are available.

  Can we take the rented vehicles aborad?

The rented vehicles can not be taken abroad.

  What is the currency of payment?

Rental contracts are made in fixed payment in TL, EURO or USD within the duration of the renting.

The payments are invoiced based on CBT foreign exchange sales rate in contracts signed based on foreign exchange and made on account numbers, which are determined beforehand.

  At which km is tire change implemented?

Tire change is implemented at each 60.000 km.

  Can we buy snow tire?

Snow is tire provided.

  Where and by whom are the changed tires kept?

It is under the tenant's own liability.

  My vehicle broke down, what should I do?

Beyaz Filo’s experts, providing 7/24 service, are always ready to help you.

  Who will get appointment?

It is the tenant company’s responsibility to take the rented automobiles to the maintenance.

Accordingly; it is the tenant's responsibility to take the related appointments.

  Could you issue the invoices of my vehicles to another company or my group companies?


Invoice is issued for the company, charged with rental contract until the expiration of the rental period.

It is not possible to issue an invoice for another company, which is not charged to our company with a contract.

  Could I return the vehicles before the rental period?

It is not possible to return the vehicles without a penal condition.

  How could we present the fuel oil, that we purchase for the vehicles when we rent vehicles for our company, as an expenditure?

You can present them as direct expenditure and record on your expense items based on the vehicle rental contract between two companies.

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